PRDnationwide Strata Management

At PRD, we consider Strata Management an after sales service. Many of the buildings we manage were originally sold by our highly experienced sales division, and PRD continue to manage for years after completion. It’s a testament to our hard work and our relationships with the Council of Owners for each strata. One of the primary reasons for our success is our staff genuinely care about each development, our owners, and the community that lives within each one.

Our primary focus is on creating an efficiently run environment and addressing issues promptly; our Strata Management team are experienced, knowledgeable, and  understand legislation.

PRD achieve this through:

  • Taking a hands on approach with owners and residents;
  • Regularly communicating with owners through quarterly newsletters sent out via email;
  • Selecting the correct Facility Manager and Caretaker/s (if required);
  • Active onsite presence by Strata Manager and Strata Management personnel;
  • Listening and responding to all resident’s concerns, wants and needs;
  • A prompt and pro-active implementation of strata requirements.

For Council of Owners:

If you are concerned your existing strata management company is not performing, then you need to ask yourself some important questions. Is your current strata management company professional? Do they respond quickly and address issues, keeping you informed of the process? Is the level of care and attention to detail meeting your expectations? Is the company fully transparent with costs incurred by the strata? If you answered no to any of these questions, PRD can help.

By engaging PRD you benefit from the following:

  • Deal directly with a Director and the Licensee of PRDnationwide.
  • Over 20 years of Strata Titled selling experience.
  • Over 20 Years of Strata Titled development experience
  • A licensed Real Estate Company who needs to obtain the most up to date Compulsory Professional Development (CPD) training annually to stay licensed.
  • A member of both the Real Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) and the Strata Community of Australia (SCA).
  • A full understanding of the scope of works including standard services, all of which are included in a transparent ‘Flat Fee’. There are no hidden costs.
  • Be in safe and proactive hands.

PRDnationwide manage complexes from 20 to 430 dwellings and have a very sound understanding of the needs of occupants in these buildings, including but not limited to, Housing Authority, Access Housing, Investment, NRAS and commercial tenancies.

For a free, no obligation quote, and to discuss the intricacies of your building, please contact Scott Spinley on 0408 863 353 or email

For Developers:

In most cases, PRD are involved in a development from the outset, prior to the sales contract being prepared; although our team can quickly get up to speed at any stage in the process. Areas where PRD assist include, but are not limited to:

      • Prepare Administration and Reserve Fund budgets for sale contracts,
      • Help prepare the Management Statement rules,
      • Help developers chose the right Strata Building Insurance (for post settlement),
      • Prepare and distribute Inaugural General Meeting minutes,
      • Populate database of buyers into Strata Master (Strata Accounting System),
      • Pre-settlement Strata Letters to all buyers,
      • Register the Strata Plan with National Collection (debt collection service),
      • Organising Common Seal stamp,
      • Prepare Section 43’s for the buyers settlement agents,
      • Set up of both the ABN and TFN for the strata company,
      • Write to all utility companies to transfer the accounts from the Development Company to the Strata Company,
      • Write to DFES (transfer of DBA contract if required),

With a sound knowledge in all facets of Strata Titled development and project management, PRD will save you time, money and stress!

From practical completion PRD will become the first port of call for all owners and occupants, allowing you to streamline the transition of owning the development to passing title on to the buyers. PRD also coordinate the 3 / 6 month defect warranty period with you. Contact Scott Spinley for more information on 0408 863 353 or email