1. Temperature Heating or cooling the whole house can be very expensive. One of the fastest ways to save on your electricity bill is to turn down the air conditioning in summer and the heat in winter. Be sure to close doors to area’s you are not using and only heat/cool rooms you spend the most time in.
  2. Turning it off We all have a habit of constantly leaving the lights or television on when not in use. Ensure all electronics are turned off when not in use. Electrical items on standby mode still use electricity, so try to unplug any electrical devices that are not in use.
  3. Air Dry Yes, it may take a bit more time but try air-drying your clothes, dishes, hair and watch the savings grow. You can change your dishwasher settings to air dry rather than heat dry. If you wish to line dry your clothes indoors be sure to use a fan to help with humidity.
  4. Be stingy  Try to use less water in your daily activities. Small things such as not letting the water run when washing dishes or whilst brushing your teeth. Replace shower heads with low flow heads, and consider placing a bottle filled with sand into your toilet tank to reduce water usage during each flush.
  5. Pay Smart If you are one of those people who pays off your balance each month then it’s great to invest in a credit card. Consider a card that offers cash back or rewards and set up payment for all your utility bills. If you’re not good at paying your credit card balance off, then the interest/late fees will neutralise the rewards!