Since the last update in October, there has been a lot of activity on site at The Towers at Elizabeth Quay.

Sales in Lot 10 have now passed 80%, and in Lot 9 (Ritz-Carlton building) reaching 50%.

In Lot 10, the Diaphragm Wall (D Wall) is complete, and ProBuild have commenced dewatering. This has been successful, allowing bulk excavation to commence mid-January. All piling has been installed for this building and is now being exposed by bulk excavation.

In Lot 9, the D Wall is progressing well and will be completed this month. Lot 9 construction sequencing will follow Lot 10 sequencing in a stepped manner. Both lots are ahead of schedule as a result of expedited D-Wall construction and piling to the area.

The first tower crane was erected on the 15th of January.

ProBuild have taken photos which we have included below. We will continue to keep you updated regularly, however feel free to get in contact should you have any questions by emailing, call 1800 Towers or visit