Invest in NRAS, a Positive Geared Opportunity

NRAS Apartments

Perth Metropolitan Apartments from $310,000! Only 8 remaining!

What is NRAS?

family-having-fun The National Rental Affordability Scheme is a Federal and State initiative, encouraging investment in affordable rental housing. In return for leasing your property at 20% below market rent, the government pays you $120,000 TAX FREE over 10 years!


  • Addressed shortage of new affordable rental housing
  • Reduce rental costs for tenants earning less than $46,000 per annum

We have secured 7 of the last NRAS opportunities in Western Australia. There will be no further releases under the scheme.


Both the owner and the tenant benefit from the NRAS scheme.

  • The owner benefits by leasing the property, receiving tax benefits and a government subsidy over 10 years. PRD NRAS properties are positive geared with potential for capital gain.
  • The tenant benefits by being able to lease a new property below market rent, making your property highly desirable to tenants.
  • Tenants must be employed with good references/rental history to be eligible.
  • Tenants become ineligible if their gross income exceeds the income limit for the household by 25% for up to two years.
  • Tenants are sourced and screened by PRDnatiowide using our conventional rigorous selection process.

It’s important to note that this is not a public housing scheme or welfare program. Dwellings are privately owned and managed by a property and strata manager!


Quick Facts?

  • Annual tax-free incentive of $10,961, increasing by CPI, for 10 years!
  • NRAS is a limited offering – we only have 15 left!
  • Our properties are positive cash flow investments.
  • Potential for significant capital gains over 10 years.
  • Tax deductions on interest payments and property depreciation.
  • Properties are located in the Perth Metropolitan Area.
  • Turn-key!
  • Flexible system – you can leave anytime.
  • NRAS is transferable when selling the property.

The Breakdown?

The subsidy comprises of:

  • Tax rebate certificate from the Federal Government (75%) available when you lodge your tax return;
  • Cash payment from State Government (25%), available in September.


Sample of Investment






Lower rents = highly sought after product! Government subsidy = positive cash flow.


We only have 8 left, so call Angus Murray on 0418 938 102 or email today for more information.


Assumptions and notes: 3% pa capital growth, 4.84% interest on borrowed capital, 3% inflation, 3% pa rental increases, 90% Loan to Value Ratio, initial capital input available to investor at outset, 38.5% marginal tax rate. A more detailed breakdown of the above figures is available on request.

Disclaimer: PRDnationwide make no guarantees or take any responsibility for the accuracy of figures and projections in this document. Outcomes may vary due to changes in market conditions, individual investor position and changes in costs and circumstances. It is recommended that the investor seeks independent legal and financial advice prior to making a decision to purchase.